Thursday, April 10, 2014

Think Fast History!-about/id566607316?mt=8&uo=4
Think Fast is an app that will reel you in the more you work on it, it is a good app for social studies, it has great history facts from the past. Think Fast is created by WNET, it's free and it's available for iOS 1.0 so it's easy to get. It doesn't have any requirements to get it, it's easy to download and fun to play.
The app is fun if you like history and it is pretty luring if you play and get into it. When you go on and play it will ask you which chapter you want to play on and you can choose either one, mission one is with Royce starting in 1770 and mission two is with Lucy starting in 1850. If you choose mission you have to chase something but you have to go through a series of questions to answer in order to get to the end and find what ever your supposed to be looking for. If you choose mission two you have to help get a message to someone you'll also be asked a series of questions to get to your objective. You will also be timed on your adventure. Chapter two teaches you about slavery like the Underground Railroad, certain people like slave owners and certain areas about slavery and slaves. Chapter one teaches you about when the pilgrims lived in America, about Ben Franklin, Jon Hancock, and acts like the quartering act.
I would recommend this app to people who are either learning about slavery or if you even like history because I'm not a big fan of history but I like this app a lot and I think it is very fun, luring, and interesting.

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