Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Explain Everything
Explain Everything is an astonishing app the uses all of the iPads capabilities. There is a small fee of $2.99 to buy the app but it is completely worth the price. The app was developed and published by MorrisCooke and requires IOS 5.1 or any version later. When you open the app the menu gives you the opportunity to create a new presentation or continue on a previous project. There is an opportunity to create a color scheme which is a great way to customize your project for the perfect occasion. When in the app, you have the opportunity to completely customize your presentation. 
No one will be able to resist the temptation of drawing on the screen in any color imaginable. Everyone can use the simple process of touching the pencil icon and drawing whatever they want. Anyone age 5 and up can use Explain Everything to organize information and create a one of a kind project. While creating your amazing presentation there is a bar, that with the touch of a button you have all kinds of options. You can have a laser pointer, the ability to insert pictures or videos, add text and draw or write with your finger. If you run out of room testing all the cool features, with a pinch and a pull, you can zoom out and have more space. If you decide to put a picture or video into the presentation, you can crop, rotate and draw on the picture to fit your specific need. When you have the perfect finished product it takes 2 taps to export your work to either camera roll, YouTube or change it into a different file format. 

Explain Everything is not just some app that kids play on to record mediocre projects, it can also be used in extremely professional presentations. It can be used for the regular elementary level project that has some words and a couple pictures. Also, you can make a more professional presentation that will wow your audience. There is a button that when pressed will record your every word, press or swipe on the screen. So when it is time to show the final product to the audience the whole presentation is prerecorded and ready to go. That means you can talk to the audience while drawing a picture, using the laser point to show important points and have a picture pop up but it is all prerecorded. So if you get stage freight or just don't like presenting you can have the whole presentation prerecorded and all you have to do is press play.

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  1. Jack,

    You did a great job describing your App in a way that encourages the reader to want to try it out! Your choice of descriptive vocabulary, along with organizing your information in a way that made sense, helps to make your review a wonderful one to read. The information about how anyone making a presentation, young or old, will appreciate this App lessens the fears of those who may think that they don't have enough skill to use such an App.
    Well done!