Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Duolingo App Review

What could be better than learning a new language? Well that would be being able to do it for free! Apple's 2013 app of the year, duolingo version 3.3 brings language learning to a whole new level. Learners are presented with an app so easy, that they could learn a language in no time, and without the hassle of regular classes.
Author: duolingo
Requirements: iOS 6.0 or later
Upon opening the app, learners are presented with a broad selection of languages to work on. Once they select a language, they set a goal for how often they plan on visiting the app and working on their skills- don't worry though, changes can always be made later by clicking on the "change goal" icon on your home screen profile. Your profile is a place where you can track your goals, and lessons that have been unlocked are displayed in a colorful manor, supplemented with lively drawings showing glimpse of what the lesson is about. Scrolling down, learners can get a look at all of the lessons to complete in order to master the language. Each vocabulary section has it's own icon, by tapping on one, you are transported to a series of lessons that must be completed in order to finish the vocabulary course. In each course, learners are asked to craft, translate, and speak, words from the vocabulary lesson along with previous vocabulary words, and sometimes are asked to use multiple choice. In each lesson learners have three lives, each time they give an incorrect question, they loose one. When they run out of lives, they have to re do the lesson. This way it is insured that learners fully comprehend the words before moving onto even more difficult vocabulary. Each time a new lesson is completed, the new vocabulary is carried into all other lessons after.
This app is great for both people who want to learn a new language, and for people who are already learning one and want to supplement their vocabulary. It gives people a hands on learning experience without the burden of memorizing boring vocabulary. This app would be most enjoyed at home in a quiet space, because speaking and listening are a big part of the learning process. If you must, there is an option to  turn the microphone off and of course there are always headphones that work for for listening. Overall this is a great app that will broaden horizons.


  1. This looks really cool. I would definitely use this when taking a language course. Does Ms. Schmearer know about this?

  2. Abby,

    You did a very nice job describing this App. I would think that many students who take a language in school would find this helpful. I see that someone else has already asked if Ms. Schmearer knows about this App. You provide great general information about the App and as I read, it made me want to try the App out myself.
    Well done!