Wednesday, April 9, 2014


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Duolingo is the name of the cute animated app! This app is all about learning new spectacular languages! There is a large assortment of languages you can choose from as well! Duolingo is the name of the company that created this app, the platform of Duolingo is iOS 6.0, and the version is 3.3. Duolingo is a completely free app, no money involved, the only thing you need to do is make an account so you can sign in.
When you first open Duolingo, there a few slides to show you a little about the app, and what you can do. One of the wonderful things you can do, is vs. your friends and see who can finish the language activities first. Once you finish the short slides, you will see a colorful, bright blue screen that tells you to sign in. You will be asked to make an account if you don't already. Once you have an active account, the fun will begin! Out of the huge assortment of languages, you may chose which one to start out with, you may practice more then one too, but you need to start out with only one. I know French, so I chose French to see what else I could learn. It then shows many sections, like the basics, food, animals and much more that you can learn about, in each level there is about four levels, and in each level there is about five to ten new words. The first section is basics #1, in the first level of basics #1 you have 18 activities, some repeated, within those 18 activities you are doing a number of different varieties in learning new words, depending on the language you chose, you will be able to hear, write, read and even speak the language you picked. Also in the 18 parts one or two might be when you have to chose the French word and you would have to chose from four pictures, which one show that French word. And with all of this fun, there is one more part, you can vs. your own friends, and have challenges, and see who gets to the end of the 18 parts first!
I would defiantly recommend this amazing app. It has helped me in French so much already, and I have only been using it for about a week, right after I signed up, this app taught me so many new words in a very short amount of time! And if you want to learn more then one or two languages well this app ins perfect for you! There is so many neat languages you can learn. This is really a wonderful experience for every one, especially when Duolingo makes the learning fun! It seemed to make me eager to learn more! It is always great when learning is fun(especially learning new languages)!

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  1. Carolyn,

    Nicely done! This App seems very cool and I hope you shared your knowledge about it with Ms. Schmearer. This sounds like it could be very helpful for other students, as well. You did a nice job with word choice and describing what someone would see if they tried the App themselves. It makes me want to try it!