Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fit Brains trainer
          The mind, we should be able to use it to its full potential. Some people struggle with things like memory and focus and so on. If you are one of those people this app, Fit Brains Trainers, is for you. This app was created by Rosetta Stone Canada Inc., and requires iOS 5.0 for use. This app costs no money what so ever until you upgrade to the full version. The app is currently in version 2.1 and was last updated on March 20th 2014. The app download takes up 25.4 MB of space.
           Fit Brains Trainer is a app that provides games and activities to help the human mind. Most of these games and activities help with memory, focus, mind speed, and mental capacity. Each category has multiple games. Memory has at least two, and speed has about three. For every game there is a score count, and a time limit. Your goal is to finish as many questions as you can before the time runs out. And at the end the game will tell you your score, then you will move on to the next game. This app has very good use of colors, images and sound. This application has very bright colors such as red, purple, green, and so on. All of these colors are used appropriately and correctly. The images used in the app are more meant to keep you interested, and they also lean towards trying to give kids something to look at. They will use images such as grapes, glasses, wallets and so on and so forth. Some of the images get a little dull and repetitive as you go on. But they are still appropriately used. There is no music during the games, but there are little sound effects as you play. For example there is little dings when you get and answer right or wrong. Also little noises when you tap on something. They didn't abuse the use of sound but there could be more of it.
         Fit Brains Trainer is a fun educational app. All around great to use, if your trying to increase you brain skills. This app isn't very boring, but if continue to play it for a long periods of time it will eventually get repetitive. Other than that, this app is excellent. I recommend that you play it daily if you are trying to increase in brain skills. But if you are just playing it for fun try it as often as you can. This app can defiantly help with school if you're struggling.


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  1. Max,

    As people get older, me included, they do start to worry about their ability to remember things and to have their brain work as well as when they were younger. This App seems like one many might try in hopes of staving off the effects of 'old age'. You did a nice job of describing what someone would see if they tried this App out and also added some suggestions that might make the App a little better.
    Well done!