Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This app Bluster is a game for students to learn more about rhyming, adjectives, prefixes and suffixes. So this is a language art app. The creators of Bluster is McGraw-Hill School Education Group. In order for this app to work properly you iPhone/iPad/iPod must have an update of iOS 5.0 or later.
Once you've opened the app there is the sound of the pouring rain with crashing thunder. It will show a city with a rain cloud over it. The dark colored cloud with have rain and accessional lightening. Three orange buttons with white lettering will be on the screen. The top one will say play. Then the one bellow it will read honors. The very last one says how to play. If you tap the button that reads play then you should see three sky blue slides. The first one is how many players you want to play with. If you slide the first sky blue slide there will be three options; single, team and versus. The next slide down has another three options for the levels ; level two, level 3 and level 4. The last slide has options for what subject you want to play with; prefixes and suffixes, adjectives, and rhyming words. Once you choose your options there is a orange circle that says ok in white lettering. You tap that after all your choices. There is going to be different rules for different options. Let's say that you chose single, level 2 and rhyming. You would get a list of words ( You get a list of words for all the options ) and you would have to slide through the words to find three rhyming words. There will be three dark blue spaces above so you are able out the rhyming words. So you would drag one of the words from the list and drop it into one of the three blue spaces. You have a limited amount of time to get it done.
Personally I think this app should be used for elementary school students. It's perfect for all ages. But during this app I got easily bored and didn't want to use it. So if you chose to get this app try using it on younger children instead if junior high students. If there was to be any improvement on this app I would recommend that it should have more levels and more options to chose from. Like the creators should put nouns and verbs in there.

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