Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lumosity was created by Lumos Labs, Inc. It wil help you with memorization. To download this app it requires iOS 6.0 or later. Currently, it is version 2.92. Lumosity itself is free but does offer in-app purchases. I would recommend this app for grades 5 and up for understanding all school subjects.

Once your have downloaded and opened up Lumosity, you will find yourself in a home screen where you will have a choice of signing back in or getting started on your app! If you chose "Getting Started" it will take your through 5 multiple choice questions where you can pick more than one answer. What the questions consist of it your: memory, speed, attention, problem solving, and flexibility with your brain. After your results from that short survey, Lumosity will design you games that fit your needs. I consider it to be my "personal trainer" for my brain. The games look like colorful, fun, friendly, and exciting games. Sometimes I think about how are these helping my brain because I get so into it! Also, most of the time, when my day is considered "over" to Lumosity I go back and I mostly like to train my memory a lot more!

I do use Lumosity as much as I personally can! I even think adults would really benefit somehow through Lumosity. One out of two things I would recommend is making more "childish games" for children to almost get addicted to and want to comeback for more. Second, thing is having a settings area wear people may want to turn of the sound effects Lumosity has to offer (even though there is barely any, only on a few buttons) just so users may want to listen to there own music. Other than those two little things, I highly encourage you to download Lumosity!

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  1. I definitely need to look at this app but I can't remember where I left my ipad! Ha Ha. Great review.