Thursday, April 10, 2014

     The app Chempro is a fun and very helpful app. It can come to good use and is easy to use. It can
guide you through your chemistry class. It was created by iHelp NYC. This app is anything but short of knowledge with 80 video lessons on chemistry, but it doesn't stop there. It has more cool activities and helpful tools. The app itself is free but upon trying to try certain things I had to pay to use them. To purchase this app you must have a iOS 7.0 or later.

     This app is beyond capable of helping you pass chemistry. As mentioned before, this app holds 80 useful lessons, ranging between 8 minutes to 30 minutes. Lessons clearly describe how to use it/how it works by showing you on the screen. If that wasn't enough each video throughly describes what is going on in the video. The learning doesn't stop there. Tapping on virtual flashcards I was brought different categories to help me memorize terms and study. Such as common element symbols. An example is a flash card pops up with silver. By tapping on it, the flash card flipped itself over to reveal it element symbol which in this case would be Ag. It's quick and easy to use. Tapping on tools brought me to a  large and colorful periodic table. If I tap on a symbol, the app supplies me with information such as, the element number, the element name, the element symbol, and the elements atomic mass. It is very useful. In the top two corners there is a molar mass calculator and a unit converter. But as I tries to use them I discovered that I had to pay to use them. Now by tapping on the last page there was a large equation sheet. The equation sheet is pretty much self explanatory. It shows you equations to certain things such as, density, percent yield, molarity. The equation sheet is very easy to read and use. There are six information filled pages to help you.

     So overall the app is a fantastic academic tool, if I had to recommend this app for someone, it would probably be for a high school student that plans on taking chemistry. The app would help the student better understand the material they are going over in the classroom, with the videos, periodic table, tools, and the equation sheet. The flash cards could help them study for an upcoming test.

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  1. Great job describing ways the app could be used and who is the target audience!
    Cathy Potter