Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BioDigital Human
Title: BioDigital Human
Creator: BioDigital Inc.
Platform: iOS 6.0 or later
Version: 1.0
Price: free
Ages: 13+
Type: Biology

       Produced by BioDigital Incorporated, this incredible App gives you an in-depth view of the human anatomy, along with intuitive gestures, easy interaction, and a wealth of information. As you open the application, you are immediately greeted by a 3D array of bones, muscles, and nerves assembled inside the halo of a man. The animated images are colorful, realistic, and as intricate as the actual organs and appendages of the human body itself. The meticulous, high definition models are quickly navigated across the screen with a swipe, and a pinch or pull for a closer, more comprehensive view.

       You will immediately be enchanted by the 3 dimensional, complex models and cross sections that you can spin with a small movement of your finger. By tapping on a part of the body, its name will appear at the top of the screen. By dragging your finger upwards, you may read about what you touched while you continue inspecting the model. The four icons on the top right of the screen give you the options to dissect parts of the body, remove anatomy layers, and take a photo or share it. With the image, you can save it to your camera roll, email it, or even turn on color mode to draw over the model in the picture. Exploring the "my human" tab on the top left corner of the screen allows you the options to download other models of parts of the body, systems of the body, or even diseases. You are allowed a maximum of five downloads without purchase, but you have the option of deleting models from your downloads section. Most of the models are free, but there are additional benefits you have the option to purchase. The app also gives you the option to create an account and has a setting where you can change the background color or turn off and on descriptions.

       Within the downloads, there is a search bar for easy access to the hundreds of models in the BioDigital library. On the right of the bar, there is the option to switch from male to female models. The models are elaborate and insightful, but the navigation is not so easy at times, as it may become glitchy if you move too fast or slow. Overall, the application has no major drawbacks and I vastly recommend it for all teenagers 13 and up, medical doctors/students, and the curious individual. I am positive you will enjoy the quality and accuracy of BioDigital Human.

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  1. Jennie,

    Your review is well done! Your choice of vocabulary, descriptive language and seamless transitions from one idea to another makes reading your review highly enjoyable! While reading, I felt as if I was actually on the App. You provide the reader with valuable information and if they were wondering whether or not using this App would be worthwhile, you give them enough information in order for them to make an informed decision.
    And while you shared all of the good about the App, your comments at the end regarding some of the Apps limitations adds even more validity to your review.
    Great Job!
    Mrs. Stilphen