Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Explain Everything
  Teenagers who are looking for a fun and spectacular way to make great school projects will depend on this app. There are many ways to make your presentation with Explain Everything. The app Is educational and is a perfect thing to be on a students I pad. The seller of Explain Everything is Morris Cooke. And some related apps include (Final Argument, Stick Around, and Explain a Website).
          In the top left corner when you first open Explain Everything there is a + sign which let's you choose you kind of template you would like to use. There are four of these cool colored templates. Once you choose and open the one you would like to use there is a bar on the left side of the screen which let's you access many cool features including ( pencil, lazor pointer, eraser, and text boxes). On the bottom of the screen there is my favorite feature which is a microphone that can take recordings of your voice while you could have already drawn something and telling people about it with the lazor pointer. I usually draw while I am recording then switch to the lazor pointer so I can point things out on the drawing. I find it particularily useful for math and stem projects. I use it for math to explain math equations like the videos on Khan Academy. It is fun to act like a Professional person while recording your voice. U can add many slides to your Explain Everything project so you can have different pictures and have a longer presentation. With these slides you can add pictures then rotate them to make the slide look better.
          Explain Everything can be uploaded to many places including (YouTube, iTunes, Dropbox, googledrive, and simply to your camera role). The only problem with this app is it doesn't have the best save options. The saving is very just very confusing and gave me problems. You could only save a certain amount of projects saved which means when you fill the spaces up you will have to delete one to save another. Overall Explain Everything is a great app for teenagers and even adults. Great for schools and there students to have so they can have a fun and productive way to make superb projects and presentations.

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  1. John,

    I liked the organization of your review. You had a great introductory paragraph and then launched into the very cool features of Explain Everything. It seemed as if you did a nice job editing your work until the end--perhaps you thought you had finished? Also, by sharing what you didn't like about the App made me value you review even more. Just writing about what is good doesn't always make me feel like the reviewer is being truthful. I should give this App a try for one of my presentations to the staff.
    Well done!
    Mrs. Stilphen