Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Ever looked for a useful educational app? The name of this helpful App is called Maps. Maps is a creative way of when your trying to go places that you might want to go to. This app is also free and very useful for education I would recommend this for older kids 10+ meaning kid in 3rd grade+ it's very complicated harder for littler kids to read and understand the uses.
     If I wanted to type in my address and where in Maine it is it would work it gives you the place and you have three different ways  standard which shows this in map version, another called hybrid which gives you earth like quality and satellite which is pretty much the same thing. When you want  to get to you want to search this you have to hit directions and it will take you there. Maps also gives you a wide variety of different things like tourist attractions like different parks, places to eat out, theme parks,and many other options to look at. It teaches you the value of directions it has everything you need. Anywhere I wanted to go to I found the directions easily and there isn't any glitching involved. The loading also works really great and gives helpful information like where in that era you have traffic,places to eat,hotels,shopping etc.. in other words anywhere helpful to know about. Directions on how to use this is you click the app Maps then you pic a setting and. You zoom in to the state the place is and then you type it in directions by searching and you zoom in to the  place is and then you type in the directions by searching in the search box your place it will show you it on there in just seconds you are there.
    I would like if this app had better graphics and I wish they had added pictures of the places and details like that.  But overall I would recommended this to users who want this creative educational app to help them find places they might want to visit. I also find this very helpful to children and adults.

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  1. Christiana,

    You shared lots of information about this App in your review! I use this App myself on my phone and it has helped me find many places, just like you said! Your comment about the App having pictures is an interesting one as pictures might make the App even more helpful. Good thinking!