Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MoMA art lab

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Do you want to find inspiration and improve your art skills? This is the app for you! The MoMA art lab app is eye-catching and modern. This easy-to-navigate app has 10 different fun actives for you to try, including create a line design, create a shape poem, and experiment with paint. This app will be awesome for brainstorming and making rough drafts of your work before you make the "real thing" so you do not make a mistake on your expensive supplies, and best of all, it is free!
As the app loads, you see swirling shapes take form into the words "Art lab". Meanwhile, a catchy theme song plays in the background. The title screen opens up to a tutorial on how to use the app. Then a blank canvas appears and you are ready to create! An encircled "I" in the top left takes you to information about the MoMA museum, and explains why MoMA made this app. Here you can view the tutorial again. Under that is a lightbulb button that has many different ideas for you to try on and off the app. Press the scissors and a page with 9 different activities will appear. This is where you can find things like "create a sound composition" and "drawing with instructions". Under this you can caress your gallery and a small list of instructions. A big blank canvas in the middle is where you can create your own works of art. A scrollable bar at the bottom lets you add pre-made shapes to your masterpieces. Here you can also change the color and texture of your paintbrush.
This app is great for everyone! Experienced artists can find inspiration and brainstorm, beginners and children will have fun practicing creating designs and pictures. I would recommend this app to art teachers and parents who are trying to encourage creative thinking among their children. I would also suggest making the projects in real life after you create them on the iPad, because then you can take the skill that you obtained through the app and out it to good use in real life.

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  1. Amelia,

    Well done! Your introductory paragraph gives just enough information to make the reader want to see what else the App has to offer. Your use of descriptive vocabulary is perfect as you describe a tool that will help people show off their creativity. But also your information let's the reader know that even if you are a beginner, you will find this App useful. Since I find that I have absolutely no creative bones in my body, perhaps I should give this a try.....
    Thank you for your work,
    Mrs. Stilphen